Route Change for VALIS?

Aug 13, 4:00PM PDT Latitude 39d 36m N, Longitude 149d 47m W Course 025d magnetic, Speed 7.5 kts
We’re still sailing to Friday Harbor, but we might be doing some zig-zagging to get there. We have been benefiting from a low-pressure system to the northwest, which has been compressing the NW corner of the Pacific High, and allowing us to sail almost directly for San Juan de Fuca. I was hoping that this would hold up until our arrival, but it appears that the High is re-establishing itself along our current creat-circle route, and throwing a barrier of light and confused winds in our path.
The quickest way through this mess may be to sail east, through a day of light winds, and then into the northerlies that commonly blow down the coast. We should have a somewhat-reasonable angle on these winds, and so be able to sail to our destination. The wind will be forward of the beam, but other than being colder, the conditions shouldn’t be any worse than when we were leaving Hawaii.
Since any forecast that is more than a few (five?) days into the future is suspect, our plans will always have to evolve to meet the actual conditions, but at the moment this seems like our best bet. So don’t be surprised to see our track start heading east!
In other news, Rich has the fishing line out. No bites yet…
Best Wishes, Paul / VALIS

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