856 Miles to Kaneohe!

4:00 PM PDT, July 25 29d 53m N, 144d 57m W Speed 8.5 kts @ 200d Magnetic
Good afternoon from VALIS on the high seas. Today we have sun and clouds, and a perfect wind that we are riding to Hawaii. The seas are moderate and after a night of running with the twin jibs, we are again sailing under a spinnaker.
Transitioning from the twin headsails to the spinnaker didn’t go smoothly. A combination of tangled lines, slipping winches, and a crew with little practice aboard VALIS led to some exciting moments. But no damage was done, some lessons were learned, and we are enjoying the extra knot-and-a-half that this sail gives us.
ON our AIS screen we can see the Pac Cup Division-D boat “Buena Vista”. She is slowly creeping up on us, but we are making her work for every mile. Unfortunately, she won’t pass within camera range.
We actually started talking several days ago about hot showers at Kaneohe, but what once seemed like a distant dream is now feeling more and more real with every mile under our keel. Cold washcloths and wet-wipes are no substitute for the real thing!
Aloha, Paul / VALIS

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