July 23 – 5:00AM

Good morning from VALIS!
We’ve been sailing under starry skies, watching the jetliners fly to and from Hawaii, and seeing the occasional meteorite streak overhead. Our wake is glowing a phosphorescent green, and we can see the distant whitecaps by starlight. The air is warm. The sea is warm too, as Michael and I discovered when an errant wave slapped the side of the boat and gave us a little shower.
About an hour ago, the wind was rising, and the seas becoming more confused, making the job of keeping the spinnaker under control a pretty challenging task. Knowing that the winds often increase just before dawn, we decided to drip the kite. Michael and Rich went up to the bow to wrestle with the big sail, while Paul Carson and I remained in the cockpit — me handling the sheets, guys, uphaul, genoa furling line, etc, and the other Paul steering us as required for each phase of the operation. We are now sailing under genoa and main, not as fast as under the spinnaker (top speed 11.1 kts), but still at a good clip and much less likely to break something.
Paul Carson and Rich are now on watch, and I am hitting the bunk.
Position: 32d 03m N, 137d 01m W. Speed 8 kts @ 240d magnetic.
Paul / VALIS

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