July 20 – Afternoon

We put up the spinnaker this afternoon! The wind is very light, and just a little aft of the beam, so we put up the light-air kite. It’s not really cut for this broad-reaching, but it’s a little better than the Genoa and staysail we had been using. Anyway, it’s good practice.
It’s still cloudy, and the wind is up and down (between three and ten knots), so it’s slow-going. The forecasts promise more wind soon.
We are eating through our frozen provisions. The dry ice has evaporated, so we moved everything into the refrigerator (taking out the items that could stand being a little warmer), and this has our meals in a semi-frozen state. Last night we had spaghetti with Phil’s home-made sauce. For lunch today we had pizza, made from flatbread, leftover spaghetti sauce, cheese, and Michael’s roasted chicken.
VALIS remains third in our division, and we are hoping for a chance to do better.
Position at 2:27PM PDT: 35deg 58minN, 129deg 12minW Speed: 5.2 kts Course 220deg true
Aloha, Paul / VALIS

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