Monday, Aug 2, 8:45 PM PDT Position: 33deg 56min N, 153deg 40min W Course: 010deg magnetic Speed: 6.5 kts
It’s been a pretty lazy day aboard VALIS. The wind had been steady, the seas moderate. Last night the waves picked up for a while and it was quite bouncy below, but we’ve become used to that sort of thing by now. After a spectacular sunrise, we lounged on-deck enjoying the blue skies and warm wind, or went below for a nap. Occasionally birds would pay a visit, including one large albatross who followed us for about an hour. The fish were safe from VALIS today.
Dinner last night was chicken tacos. Lunch today, grilled cheese sandwiches. Dinner tonight was a tasty chicken stir-fry, prepared by Carl and Dick.
We just finished participating in the evening radio net for returning Pac Cup boats. All are doing well, and it is interesting to hear all the various being disscussed for the voyage home. We still have our options open on VALIS, but the forecast does seem to favor a Seattle landfall. We’ve got another day or two to decide.

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