The Official VALIS Pac Cup Uniform

Part of winning a trans-ocean race is having the proper gear.  Slippery shoes, leaky foulies, fogged glasses, inadequate sun protection — any of these things can make the difference between a podium finish and being a LOSER.  The VALIS research and development team has been diligently working behind the scenes to ensure that our crew apparel is optimized for utility, racing efficiency, comfort, and not least, style.  After many months of rigorous lab-testing and field evaluation, I am proud to release a first-look at the Official VALIS Pacific Cup Uniform, here modeled by the lovely Paul Carson:


Note the smooth lines, the easy-on-the-eyes color coordination (including red/port – green/starboard sleeves for the dyslexics among us), the easily-accessible hand-warming pockets, and the attractive but quite “grippy” custom Figawi footwear.

I’m sure you’s agree with me that the other teams will never figure out what hit them!  Excellent work, VALIS R&D!

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