Run Away!

I have decided to live to fight another day. VALIS is sailing home.
After studying the five-day and extended forecasts for wind and sea-state, it just makes sense to turn around. The best we could have done would have been to power into Humbolt Bay tomorrow, then hole up there for four or five days waiting for the winds to drop below 30 kts. Then, it would have been another five days (at best) to reach Port Townsend. With my schedule (not to mention my crew’s), this just wouldn’t have been worthwhile.
Instead, we get to have a nice downwind sail in glorious conditions. We’ve got main and genoa to starboard and are sailing a deep run to the southeast. The wind is 23kts and we are sailing between 6 and 8 knots. Sailing with the waves is certainly more comfortable then bashing into them!
It’s 125 miles to the S.F. Bay entrance, so we should be home tomorrow.
With mixed feelings, Paul

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