Report from VALIS – Sept 3/4

Report from VALIS – Sept 3/4

As of Noon today (Sept 4), VALIS was at latitude 39deg 47min N, Lon 141deg 04min W, sailing due east at a speed of 7.2 knots over the ground. Winds are from the southwest at 17 knots, seas are from the southwest at 3 feet.

We have had two days of just great sailing. Having reached 40 degrees latitude, we are now sailing due east and heading for home. We are aiming a bit north of San Francisco to be able to take advantage of the typical weather patterns as we approach the coast. The days and nights are getting cooler, and we now wear our fleece coats or windbreakers when on night watch.

After several days of being the only boat in sight, at about 11:00 PM last night we saw a freighter, steaming from Japan to San Diego. We had a brief VHF radio conversation, to ensure that they saw us, but as it turned out they passed well to one side of us, with neither of us having to alter course. We continue to see small birds, and the occasional albatross. Two nights ago, the small birds were flying back and forth over the cockpit, and chirping — they seemed more like bats than birds.

Dinner Tuesday night was tuna surprise (the surprise was how good it tasted), and last night we had chicken curry over curry rice. This morning Daniel made us breakfast of scrambled eggs, country-style potatoes, and sausages. During breakfast we went over the things on board that have been working well, and things that need to be fixed. We’ve got a nice work list to take care of when we get home, but nothing that won’t keep for a few weeks.

Today looks like it will be a great day, with the sun shining between the clouds, and the wind continuing to blow us home.

Best wishes from Dan, Jim, Paul, Paul

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