Report from VALIS – Aug 28/29

Report from VALIS – Aug 28/29

As of Friday, Aug 29, 12:00 Noon PDT, VALIS was as lat 34deg 34min north, lon 154deg 24min west. We are sailing on northeasterly course at a speed of about 5 knots. The wind is from the north at about 10 kts, and the seas are about 2 ft high.

We have seen several more ships — two yesterday, and one this morning. We talked with all but the most recent on the VHF radio, and had limited, but pleasant, conversations. One ship, bound for Long Beach from Tokyo, wanted to make sure that we were all doing OK and asked if we needed anything.

Early Thursday morning, Daniel saw a dolphin leaping through the waves alongside our boat. This is the first large fish (OK, an aquatic mammal) sighting since we left Kauai. We are beginning to see the small floating “by the wind sailors” jellyfish (or whatever they are) that were so common during the first week of our trip down from San Francisco. Closer to Hawaii, we did not see any of these at all.

However, just this afternoon we saw a school of dolphins and Paul G. got a picture (we think)of one leaping out of the water.

We are expecting the wind to start to come from the south west later today or tomorrow. Once (if) this happens, we will be able to sail more north, and curl around the top of the high pressure system that usually sits offshore of northern California. Until then we are content to sail mostly east, and towards the north when we can, and enjoy the cooling, pleasant, weather.

Best wishes to all,
the crew of the VALIS

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