Friday, Aug 22 – Day 16

Heading for the barn!
Since we made such good speed last night, averaging 8-1/2 knots for several hours, and over 8 kts overall, we have decided to sail between the North and Middle / South Farallon Islands then steer for the Golden Gate Bridge. We expect to pass under the span a little before sunset, sailing against an ebb current that peaks at sunset. We should tie up in our Sausalito slip between 8:00PM and 9:00PM.
Yesterday we were pondering dinner and about to bring in the fishing lines for the night when, as the sun was nearing the western horizon, the line on the port side of the boat popped from it’s clothespin and we saw a disturbance in our wake. When Paul C. had reeled it in we found that he had hooked an albacore tuna! It wasn’t particularly large, but Paul quickly carved it into enough to serve four for dinner, and again for lunch (being prepared now).
All through the night we sailed into the rising moon. Racing through the sparkling sea was an experience that we will not soon forget. At sunrise the seas had built and the winds risen, and we are now sailing under reefed genoa and full main, with the wind on the port quarter.
We are now about 24 miles from the Farallon Islands, which we should reach in less than three hours. We will then turn slightly north to enter the dredged ship-channel and avoid the shoals to the north and south of the bay entrance.
It is then eight miles to the bridge, and another three to our slip. We anticipate the end of our voyage with mixed emotions, and while it has been a great experience we look forward to being home again.
-Paul E.
P.S. – VALIS and her crew arrived in Sausalito at 8:45PM, to a great welcome-home reception by family and friends. I will soon fill in the details about our last day on the water, including our very close encounter with a whale, but right now I need a shower and some sleep! -pme

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