Saturday, August 16 – Day 10

We caught a fish today. It was another Mahi-mahi. We wanted a tuna, but we ate it anyway. Fish burritos are not as good as fish tacos.
Besides that, not much happened. Yesterday we prepared a message in a bottle commemerating our halfway milestone, but we decided to seal the cork with caulking. Today it was dry enough to cast off, and it now bobs on the vast ocean, eventually to wash up on some distant shore.
Thw wind continues to be favorable, and we are sailing home at about 7-8 kts. We jibed yesterday (or was it the day before?), and the only sail change is the occasional reefing or unreefing of our genoa as the winds pick up or drop off occasionally.
The sun has set in the mostly-cloudy sky, and we prepare for our evening watches. It is getting cooler, and we no longer stand night watch in our shorts and t-shirts. A fleece blanket is now appropriate when we try to sleep. Farewell tropics, hello San Francisco! 918 miles to go!

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