VALIS is preparing for the return passage to San Francisco, tomorrow (Weds, Aug 6) as our likely departure.  We have been cleaning, filling tanks, charging batteries, provisioning, and doing minor repairs, and the work-list is getting pretty small.  Our fourth crewmmember arrives today, and I will be shopping for perishables, so we should be ready to go.

On the way home Green Buffalo will be radio communications boat (she was among the first to leave), and many of the returning Pac Cup fleet will check in with her to report position, course, speed, conditions, etc.  Once Green Buffalo reaches port, VALIS will take over the radio duties.  We will be sending a list of boat positions back to Pacific Cup HQ so they can email anyone interested.

I have finally discovered where the tracking transponder reports are being shown:

Note that this is NOT the original Pac Cup race-tracking page.  VALIS is in the “Return 2″ group (they are grouped alphabetically).


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