Tuesday July 22, Day 8

Aloha from VALIS, at lat 26 deg 45 min N, lon 144 deg 31 min W. We are sailing in light air at a speed of around six kts, on a course of around 210 deg mag. This is a bit more south than we would prefer, but as the wind picks up we should be able to head closer to Hawaii. Our 24-hour run was 153 miles towards Hawaii, about in the middle of our division.
Today Steve caught a Mahi-mahi, using the cedar plug lure that was so successful for VALIS during our 2006 return trip. Steve filleted the fish, and we baked it for dinner, serving it with biryani and green beans. Excellent!
We also hooked a very large fish on Michael’s hand-reel. This looked like a young marlin (perhaps?), and was at least four feet long. Alan valiantly played the energetic fish, but as we were attempting to board it it broke free. It may have been bigger than four feet, we will have to determine this once we reach the Kaneohe YC bar.
Yesterday around dusk we saw the white and blue sails of another boat to our stern. She sailed towards the north as we watched a beautiful golden sunset. We watched as the skies darkened and the stars came out, and our sailing visitor jibed to the south and after several more hours disappeared. From the position reports in the morning roll-call we believe the other boat was Tiki Blue.
Later in the evening the clouds filled in, and the sun rose behind a cloudy sky. The sky cleared somewhat in the afternoon, and we are now sailing in sparkling blue seas.
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