Sunday, Day 6

Today we celebrated our fastest 24-hour run: 193 miles made good towards Kaneohe (from 9:00AM Saturday to 9:00AM today). As it turns out, this was the fastest Saturday-Sunday run in our division, as well as in divisions B and C! This didn’t do much to help our overall standing, but it sure didn’t hurt, and it felt very good.
We have been flying the spinnaker continuously since Friday, and our speed has been averaging over eight knots, with periods in the solid nine knot range.
We should cross the halfway point tomorrow, with 71 miles to go before we reach the 1035 mile miles dividing line.
We continue to eat well, with Chicken Biryani for dinner yesterday, and roasted cornish game hens with rice pilaf on the side. There’s good eatin’ onboard VALIS!
Today we dropped a hook in the water, and eventually reeled in a small mahi-mahi. It slipped off the hook before we could board it, which was just as well, since dinner was being served. Better luck tomorrow?
After the evening radio net, California Girl hosted a radio remembrance for Davey Glander. Davey had sailed on VALIS with John and me during our 2006 return, and was a regular California Girl crewmember and friend. Rich had crewed with Davey on California Girl’s 2007 Transpac return passage. Davey had become a good friend to all of us, and it was a nice, if emotional, opportunity to share our thoughts. California Girl will scatter Davey’s ashes tomorrow at the halfway point.
Position as of 8:08PM (now) is lat 29 deg 13 min N, lon 129 deg 14 min W Speed 8 kts, course 235 deg magnetic. Windspeed about 17 kts.
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