Pacific Cup, Day 4, and a little bit of day 5

Greetings from VALIS!
We are about 600 miles west of San Diego, and heading a little north of Hawaii. We still haven’t put up the spinnaker, since the angle isn’t right – it will be soon, though. Winds have been great, usually between 15 and 20 kts. We have been sailing 7-8 kts, with bursts over nine.
It has been getting warmer, but the sky remains overcast. Not much to see out here, but we were visited by a few birds late last night.
We are settling into our three-hour watch schedule, but for some of us (me, for example) have been getting pretty fatigued in the early AM hours. We will learn to manage our sleeping opportunities as the race continues.
For lunch today John made tuna sandwiches (with celery – very tasty), and Michael made a great dinner with a salad and home-cooked jambalaya.
Now, it’s time for a quick nap before my watch starts.
=============== Day 5
It is now Friday morning, and the conditions are much the same as yesterday. The sky is completely overcast, and the wind is a bit lighter, but still close to 20 kts. Today may be the day we set the spinnaker and head a little more south; we need to check the forecast.
Our position is about 730 miles west of Tijuana, and we’ve got 1539 miles to go before we reach Oahu.
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