Report from Sailing Vessel VALIS, Noon July 21 to Noon July 22

Report from Sailing Vessel VALIS
Noon July 21 to Noon July 22

Current position: Lat 23deg 49.31min, Lon 145deg 51.36min
Heading 245 deg magnetic, speed 5 knots under power (5.5 knots through the water). Distance run since Noon yesterday: 147 nautical miles, which is a below-average run for us, but may be an indication of days to come as we enter a lighter wind pattern.

Yesterday we sailed with the jib poled-out to port, and the reefed main to starboard. The wind speed has been gradually dropping, and today, after briefly flying the spinnaker, we ended up under power with all sails furled, as the wind dropped below five knots. While we were rigging the spinnaker, we finally got that rain we were hoping for. The crew took full advantage of this and washed up in the warm rain. Flying fish remain our only visitors, and yesterday Daniel saw a large school of them take flight as we startled them.

For dinner last night, we had more of the chicken curry over rice, prepared by Andrew and Jim. After dinner, we watched the movie “The Year of Living Dangerously”, which was chosen by Andrew. Daniel gets to pick the next film. This morning, breakfast was scrambled eggs, hash-browned potatoes, and sausages (prepared by Daniel).

We have now sailed 1619 nautical miles, and are only 634 nautical miles from Lahaina, on Maui. Our arrival date obviously depends on our speed, and the lightening winds make this difficult to predict. We will keep you all informed as to our progress.

Just a glimpse of what it was like on Jim’s midnight to 3AM watch this morning:
It’s cloudy overhead, no moon, so the night above is dark. But as you look at the water you see the white of the waves foaming as it streams along the sides of VALIS. And as you look closer you see these brilliant bursts of phosphorescent light energy like explosions of diamonds some on the surface and some deeper in the clear dark water. These diamonds are speeding past the boat and trailing behind in the wake. And looking even closer you see a dim white haze down deeper than the brilliant bursts of light following the boat. This white haze is carving small lazy S’s in that beautiful clear dark water below. It runs out behind and disappears into the waves behind. This continues on for the hours to watch or not, to think about life, relationships, anything or not think at all or to just have a timeless moment.

Best Wishes,
Andrew, Daniel, Jim, Paul

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