More AIS and Google Earth Examples

Here is a Google Earth “KMZ” file that shows the AIS data received at my
house from the ships entering and leaving San Francisco Bay. This data
was collected from Nov 14 through Nov 22, with some gaps here and there.
I’ve been working on my program that creates the Google Earth files from
the raw AIS data, and it is now pretty easy to investigate the ship
Some points of interest:
“F/V SHELLFISH” – It looks like they are dropping and picking up crab
pots (crab season has just opened).
“PV CALIFORNIA” and “PVSANFRANCISCO” – see these pilot vessels intercept
the ships arriving and departing as the pilot boards and leaves.
“R/V FULMAR” – this new NOAA research vessel is circling the Farallon
It is also interesting to see the holes in my radio reception. Lately,
I haven’t been able to get any signals near the Golden Gate Bridge.
There is a gap in the tracks in this area.

nov 14-22.kmz

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