Report from Sailing Vessel VALIS, Noon July 19 to Noon July 20

Report from Sailing Vessel VALIS

Noon July 19 to Noon July 20

Current position: Lat 24deg 49.15min, Lon 140deg 15.19min
Heading 248 deg magnetic, speed 7.2 knots (7.8 knots through the water).
Distance run since Noon yesterday: 174 nautical miles, which is our second-best run to date.

Yesterday we continued to run with the poled-out jib and reefed main. Early this morning we completely furled the main, which let us point further south towards Maui. Even under jib alone, we are making good speed, although there is quite a bit of roll to the ride.

Last night, we had strong winds, averaging 25 kts and gusting to well over 30. VALIS hit a new speed record through the water: 11 kts (for a moment, as we rode down a wave).
Yesterday, we definitely saw a flying fish, but no more squid came on board. Once again, we saw a small dark bird flying low near the boat.

The skies have been partly cloudy, but we are managing to work on our sunburns none the less.

For dinner last night, Andrew and Jim cooked Indian food, which set off the smoke alarms. This morning, we had Indian food all over the cabin sole (floor), this caused by a pot which went airborne during the night. Breakfast was pancakes, eggs, and sausages, courtesy of Chef Daniel.

At Noon, we continue on our course, pointing directly at Maui, which is 933 nautical miles away, on a bearing of 245deg magnetic.

Best Wishes,
Andrew, Daniel, Jim, Paul

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