Taveuni, Bouma Falls, Lavena

Arrival in Taveuni

After a few days we moved out to Cousteau’s in preparation to sailing on to Taveuni. Again the wind was blowing from the east. It took us 24 hours of tacking to arrive.
Taveuni is as one would imagine Shangri La. On our sail along the coast we passed numerous waterfalls cascading down through lush vegetation. The highest mountain peak is always veiled in clouds. As we sailed along the southeast shore we looked for Vurevure bay. We slid in through the opening in the coral reef and found calm anchorage.

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Some of the numerous cascades/waterfalls of Taveuni

Soon we were greeted by a man in a small motor boat, Claude. He came to Fiji originally on a sailing yacht. Three and a half years ago he moved here from Quebec, Canada, with his partner Danielle, and started Civa Pearl Farm. Fiji produces possibly the finest pearls in the world, gold, red green, violet, a rainbow of rich colors. Claude, so friendly and helpful, told us we could tie our dinghy at the entrance to the river near his house. He also said we were free to use his outdoor hose and shower.

Hike to Bouma Falls

Our first visit to the shore was to the village of Vurevure to offer kava to the ratu, chief. After paying our respects the three of us began our four km walk to Bouma fall. We hiked, swam and picnicked at this paradise. There are three waterfalls to hike to and swim in. The closest one is the tallest and the best for swimming, with a sandy entrance. Both the second and the third have boulders all around. There are spectacular views on the way to the upper falls. This day was my birthday and my idea of heaven.

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First Falls

image007 (Medium).jpg

Second Falls

image009 (Medium).jpg

Fede at the river crossing on the way to second falls

image011 (Medium).jpg

View of Quamea Island in distance while hiking the trail to second waterfall

image013 (Medium).jpg

Falls number 3

image015 (Medium).jpg

Jim’s swan dive at the third falls

image017 (Medium).jpg

Paradise found

October 2010 – Taveuni – Bouma Falls, Lavena

Lavena Costal Walk

Lavena costal walk is another wonderful excursion on Taveuni. Waiting for the bus to take us to Lavena Village, Fede played ‘ring around the rosie’ with the children. The bus dropped us off where the road stops, at the beginning of the costal walk. The path was tree lined and strewed with delicate flowers. After crossing over streams and passing beach with black boulders, we came to a river with a suspension bridge. The trail continues and eventually leads to another river with a path along side it. That path took us up to a double waterfall that could only be reached by swimming.
Along the way we met Louie, a man who lives in a village along the route. He opened a young coconut for us to drink and invited us to come to his home for tea on our return hike. It was raining on our way back so we were glad to have shelter and a hot cup of tea with taro and cassava.

image019 (Medium).jpg

Fede plays ‘Ring around the Rosie’ with the children while waiting for the bus

image021 (Medium).jpg

Flowers scattered underfoot along trail

image023 (Medium).jpg

How many more waves before the rocks fall?

image025 (Medium).jpg

Friendly Louie

image027 (Medium).jpg

Suspension bridge crossing over rushing river

image029 (Medium).jpg

Swimming to the falls

image031 (Medium).jpg

Lavena Costal Walk Falls – slippery slide on left

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